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Generally speaking, high efficiency gas furnaces are the most cost effective way to heat your home. Gas fueled furnaces are more efficient in converting the fuel into heat in your home and the cost of the fuel is less to begin with. A factor to consider is the current efficiency rating (AFUE) and the options available for your new furnace. The technology today is available with an efficiency rating up to 98%. This means 98% of the fuel consumed is turned into heat in the home. Most older furnaces have an efficiency rating between 70% to 90% AFUE. Sometimes the location of the furnace can dictate the type of furnace installed and the resultant efficiency. Our expert technicians can look at the arrangement of the equipment and what options are available for you to choose from.

energy-star-logoThe second feature which drives efficiency in furnaces is the type of blower technology used. The basic furnaces have what is called a “constant volume” blower which is either 100% on or 100% off. The more efficient furnaces have a “variable speed” blower which adjusts to the needs of the home and are very energy efficient and provide better comfort in the home. This technology takes into account the desired temperature, and the outside air condition/temperature and humidity level in the home. All of which make up the indoor comfort settings you are looking for to be comfortable and save money in the process.

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Duke Energy Smart $aver Program

duke-energy-logoDuke Energy provides rebates to customers who install energy efficient qualifying Heat Pumps in their single family, duplex, or mobile homes. Duke Energy Carolinas electric residential retail customers can receive incentives once the qualifying system is installed and operating.

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Piedmont Natural Gas Rebates

piedmont-natural-gas-logoIf you are replacing your furnace and cooling system now is the time to consider installing a high efficiency gas furnace. Residential customers in North Carolina with qualifying high efficiency furnaces may be eligible for a $300 rebate from Piedmont Natural Gas and qualify for Federal energy tax credits as well.

Gas water heaters are also eligible and account for approximately 15% of your home’s energy consumption. Piedmont Natural Gas provides rebates for qualifying high efficiency water heaters and Tankless systems.

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