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Constant Hot Water + Energy Savings

When you need hot water with typical plumbing, you turn on the faucet and wait. You continue to wait as the hot water flows from the water heater through the pipes until it finally reaches the faucet. Once the faucet is shut off, all of the water remaining in the pipes gets cold.

The next time you need hot water, the process of wait and waste starts all over again. Costing you time. Costing you money.

The end result of the wait and waste process is thousands of gallons of water wasted. A hot water recirculation system typically saves 12,000 gallons per year.  Add to that the energy required to heat that 12,000 gallons and the cost really begins to add up.

A re-circulating system offers a simple and affordable solution by attaching a hot water re-circulating pump to your water heater through the hot water pipe. This pump keeps the hot water flowing through the pipes, giving you constant hot water without the wait. Without the waste.

New energy efficient pumps incorporate a timer and thermostat to maximize the energy efficiency of the hot water recirculation system. The system will turn off when it detects ample hot water during times of the day when the demand for hot water is reduced, but will be ready with hot water for morning showers, cleaning up the dishes after dinner and any other time you want hot water to be available immediately.

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