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While there is never a convenient time to experience a problem with your furnace or heat pump, Accent Comfort Services, LLC is always available to provide affordable, skilled, and prompt repair. Family-owned since 2005, we’ve refined our services to better ensure a rewarding start-to-finish experience and greater value for your investment.

Heating Repairs You Can Trust

Accent Comfort Services, LLC is committed to your satisfaction and have built our business on referrals. We employ a team of highly trained technicians, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which adds up to a swift and accurate diagnosis of all makes and models of heating equipment. By presenting you with honest information and cost-effective options before starting work, we help you make the right decision.

Let Accent Comfort Services, LLC handle all your heating repair needs!

Our goal is the long-term reliability of your heat pump or furnace, and to restore comfort as quickly as possible. Whether you are in need of minor repairs or complete system replacement, Accent Comfort Services, LLC brings effective and economical solutions to residential and commercial customers in Huntersville, NC and Cornelius, NC. We are the experts.

Heating Service

Let the experts from Accent Comfort Services, LLC keep your heating equipment running at its best. Our highly trained team of technicians are equipped with leading-edge technology, updated with industry advancements, and adhere to proven procedures to optimize the performance of all makes, models, and styles of heating systems. Family-owned since 2005, we’ve customized our maintenance program to better serve the needs of residential and commercial customers across the Carolinas, keeping our services affordable, quick, and stress-free.

Reliable Service for Your Heating System

Contact Accent Comfort Services, LLC at 704.509.1200 for a convenient appointment time, and let us handle the rest. With an annual inspection, before the start of winter, we ensure equipment is operating properly, safely, and at maximum efficiency. We minimize the chance of malfunction, trim running costs, extend service life, and enhance indoor comfort.

Call today for heating service you can trust!

Whether you heat your home with a furnace or heat pump, no matter the manufacturer or age of equipment, seasonal maintenance from Accent Comfort Services, LLC delivers greater value from your investment. We are the experts.

Duct Repair, Sealing, & Maintenance

If you’ve got complaints about the performance of your furnace, the ductwork might very well be to blame. This network of pipes is responsible for delivering heated air to the rooms of the house. Even minor issues, such as leaks at the seams, small holes, or a buildup of contaminants, negatively impacts airflow. Whether the heated air is allowed to escape or is restricted, you’re going to notice inferior comfort, longer running times, and higher monthly bills.

As the air your family breathes passes through the ducts, there’s the risk of it picking up and spreading allergens such as dust, bacteria, spores, and all sorts of pollutants. Holes in the ventilation system might be drawing in fumes, VOCs, moisture, and debris. The only way to be certain of the integrity of the ducts is with regular professional inspection and testing.

Accent Comfort Services, LLC specializes in a complete range of duct services, including repair, maintenance, sealing, and sheet metal fabrication. Our technicians are trained in the most progressive procedures and equipped with advanced tools and technology to handle the job without disruption or damage. We aren’t motivated by commission but provide an accurate evaluation. Optimizing duct efficiency, cleanliness, longevity, and overall performance save you money while improving comfort and air quality.

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