If someone in your family struggles with allergies, respiratory issues or asthma there are solutions Accent Comfort Services can provide before these conditions attack to make the air they breathe much cleaner. Airborne particles like dust mites, pet dander, insect debris, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), fragrances, paints/solvent odors, and tobacco smoke can be removed to create much better indoor air quality. We know you keep a clean home by vacuuming, dusting, and changing the air filters in your heating and cooling system regularly. But you can’t easily control the other airborne elements which can be treated and cleaned up out of the air within your home.

As modern homes have been constructed with “tighter” construction, less air infiltrates the home and creates a sealed environment where the unintended consequence is unhealthy indoor air. High efficiency air filters alone will not prevent the accumulation of these microbes and eliminate them. When they collect on the moist surface of the evaporator coil they can grow and the blower for the air distribution system then deposits them in every room throughout your home.

Accent Comfort Services can provide a full range of products to help create much improved indoor air quality for you and your family to breathe. We can offer humidifiers, dehumidifiers, whole home air purification, ultra violet (UV) lights and a combination of these to provide the best indoor air for your home.