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old-water-heater-189x300Water heaters typically last 10-13 years depending on the quality of the heater and the quality of your water supply.

If there is a shortage of hot water or your water heater is leaking, the time is probably sooner rather than later.

Accent Comfort Services, LLC can help you find the age of your water heater at no charge.

The Good News

Your energy bills are probably going to go down. After replacing your old water heater, you will be the beneficiary of over a decade of technological advances in energy efficiency. That normally translates into significant energy savings.

Energy Efficiency

If you’ve watched a newscast anytime over the last decade, you know the world is becoming more energy efficient. Efficiency gains in household appliances that run continuously make the biggest difference in your energy consumption. Your new water heater can make a dramatic difference in that monthly bill.

An Accent Comfort Services, LLC replacement water heater can help protect your home from water damage and keep you more comfortable while you save on your energy bills. That is just another part of your Accent Promise.

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