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Heating and Air Conditioning Tune Ups

Not all tune ups are alike. Why? Some claim they perform maintenance but in reality, it is only a basic HVAC inspection.

Accent service technicians perform a 20 plus point check ensuring your systems are working per manufacturer’s specifications. Our maintenance agreement gives you the peace of mind of knowing your air conditioning and heating systems are operating efficiently, saving you energy costs, and providing the comfort you expect.

Dirt and neglect are the number one causes of heating and cooling system failures and repairs. Like your car needs an oil change, your heating and air system needs routine maintenance. Our maintenance program is designed to safeguard your air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace from costly repairs. Accent’s maintenance program provides the recommended service tasks to keep your air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace operating at peak efficiency. Accent’s routine maintenance program will minimize costly emergency service visits and extend the equipment life for years of reliable operation.

Our bi-annual maintenance program can eliminate the most common failures before they occur. More importantly, a clean system operates at peak efficiency saving you energy dollars. We recommend these tune-ups for the Spring for cooling systems and the fall for the heating systems in your home. By doing so we can make sure the systems are operating properly and identify potential failures before they occur. No maintenance program can prevent all problems from occurring and that is why we provide a 15% discount to our maintenance customers when a failure does happen.

Helpful Hints For Home Maintenance & Energy Savings

  • Make sure your filters are changed monthly to provide proper air flow. Clogged or dirty filters cause additional strain on the equipment, wasted energy and premature mechanical failures of equipment
  • Upgrade to a digital programmable thermostat to save energy by programming for your unoccupied times
  • Have Accent Comfort Services, LLC check your ductwork for air leaks wasting energy
  • Trim bushes and shrubs back from outdoor AC Condensers/Heat Pump Condensers 2-3 feet around the footprint of the unit
  • Keep the relative humidity inside your home at about 40% RH. This saves energy and is more comfortable. Ask us about our humidity control indoor air quality options for your home
  • Check doors and windows for proper seals and weather stripping to prevent drafts which waste energy

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